Explain the main differences between a raw and jpeg file. A Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) file is a lossy raster file format that compresses an image to make the file smaller. A RAW file contains all the uncompressed and unprocessed image data captured by the sensors of a digital camera or scanner.  RAW files […]

Conceptual Self Portrait

This photo is a represents me because you never know who I would be, I can be nice or I can be mean. I used this picture because as nice as it look it can be mean by getting you all wet when the water hits you. By that its being me I may be […]

Photography Career Tree

Which photography related career(s) are you most interested in? I would be inserted in doing events or wedding photography. After doing some research on the career, what are some of the job responsibilities? Marketing their services to attract clients, Ensure appropriate photo quality, have experience in wedding photography. What is the basic salary (in the […]

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode Auto mode tells your camera to use it’s best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot that it can. Portrait Mode When you switch to portrait mode your camera will automatically select a large aperture (small number) which helps to keep your background […]

National Geographic Magazine

I like how you are able to see how beautiful this place is.   I like how they where able to get them in the air of the water after it him them.   I like how they where able to get it with the girl in the back one.